Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships

A Graduate Assistant (GA) is a student employee supported by funds, called a stipend, provided by the University or another source and administered through Cal U. This stipend is equivalent to a portion of the student’s tuition and does not cover fees or learning materials.

Cal U provides graduate assistantships to nearly 200 qualified graduate students each semester. 

 A GA is employed part time while pursuing a graduate degree. The GA's work encourages scholarship and enhances the academic experience. The work that Graduate Assistants perform for the University may be grouped into the following categories: research/scholarship; teaching/learning; and service/support. 

A GA performs such specific duties as:

  • Supporting instruction.
  • Supervising labs or other facilities.
  • Assisting faculty with scholarship.
  • Contributing to departments' academic, scholarship and service endeavors.

Securing a GA Position

Graduate students who qualify for a graduate assistantship may express interest in securing a GA position by taking these steps: 

  • Refer to the list of available positions below. Follow the link to apply directly via Handshake.
    • Students not yet admitted to a graduate program can view the application requirements for each graduate assistantship position by clicking on the position title below and can contact the supervisor listed in each posting with questionsOnce accepted to a graduate program, we encourage you to apply for graduate assistantships via Handshake.
  • Check the Daily Announcements for advertised positions.
  • Alternatively, you may email your resume to Dr. Yugo Ikach, Dean, Graduate Studies and Research at to be included in list of candidates shared with all supervisors.
  • View the Graduate Assistant Handbook

Graduate Assistants and Financial Aid

A graduate assistantship, when taxed, is not considered financial aid. Any non-taxed graduate assistantship is counted as a financial aid resource. 

Graduate Assistants should be enrolled in at least two graduate-level courses each semester/term. Graduate Assistants are required to complete timesheets to document their work.  Here are sample timesheets:

GA Timesheet 300 Hour
GA Timesheet 200 Hour
GA Timesheet 100 Hour 

Available Positions