Aging Specialist

Aging Specialist Certificate

Aging Specialist

Increase your career opportunities with specialization a rapidly growing field.

Are you interested in an in-depth study of aging? Part of PennWest California's gerontology program, the 18-credit aging specialist certificate will giving you a comprehensive understanding of the psychological, biological, cultural and behavioral aspects of aging - as well as the services and policies affecting the aging population in the United States.

This career-oriented certificate program is designed for professionals who are currently working with older adults, and undergraduate students who are majoring in other areas (such as social work, nursing, communication disorders, psychology and sociology).

Why should you earn an aging specialist certificate from PennWest California?

  • Aging specialists are in high demand across industries, and job opportunities continue to grow.
  • At PennWest California, you'll complete an invaluable practicum experience that will give you real-word job
  • The strong reputation of PennWest California's aging specialist program means employers will seek you out.
  • This program is 18 credits - 6 courses and can be completed in as little as two semesters (Fall and Spring).


Top Faculty: PennWest California's gerontology faculty has significant experience working with the aging population, in addition to advanced academic training in the field. Faculty also maintain key contacts with employers.

Electives Tailored to You: Choose your elective courses from a wide range of specialized aging topics. From bereavement management to wellness programs for aging adults, these courses let you tailor your certificate to your personal and professional interests.

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Million people in the United States will be over 65 years old by 2023. (Source: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)
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Degree Benefits

Students who receive an aging specialist certificate will be better positioned to work with older adults in any field.

  • Professionals trained in all aspects of the aging process will be in high demand in the United States and worldwide as U.S. "baby boomers" age, and as demographics shift around the globe.
  • An aging specialist certificate will give you a competitive edge when applying to job openings and graduate schools, especially in health- and service-related professions.
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Graduate Outcomes


You're aging specialist certificate can be used in almost any field - from health and social services careers to jobs in industries and businesses that cater to older clients. PennWest California program graduates have gone on to roles as physical therapists, social workers, bereavement coordinators and a wide range of health and business professionals. Many of our undergraduate students also choose to go on to graduate school.

Aging Specialist Certificate
The Center in the Woods

Gain invaluable hands-on experience

Gain hands-on work experience at The Center in the Woods, an innovative, multipurpose agency serving aging adults that's located just a few miles from PennWest California's campus in California, Pennsylvania. PennWest California aging specialist students can work with older adults at the center's senior housing and supportive services, adult day services, health services, and educational, social and exercise programs.

Gerontology students talk in a classroom.

Gerontology Club

Take part in volunteer, social and educational activities for students interested in aging by joining PennWest California's Gerontology Club. Each year the club financially supports students so they can attend the annual Aging in America Conference conducted by the American Society on Aging.