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Art History Undergraduate Minor

About the Art History Minor

Enrich your appreciation of art by putting it into context.

Throughout history, the work of artists has been shaped by the time and place in which they live. The art history minor at California University of Pennsylvania enables you to gain a deeper understanding of art by considering its relationship to its social and historical context.

The art history program at Cal U provides:

  • A broad overview of the history of art.
  • In-depth knowledge of specific periods in art history, especially the modern and contemporary periods.
  • Familiarity with art theories and methods.

Enhance your degree as you think critically about art.

An art history minor adds an academic component to your Cal U degree that complements any major field of study. In a world increasingly driven by visual imagery, the study of art history boosts visual literacy skills for students in liberal arts, education, and science and technology majors.

In addition to gaining a historical and critical awareness of visual art and architecture, you'll develop career-focused skills in areas valued by employers, including critical thinking, observation and analysis, and written and oral communication.

An art history minor also enhances your awareness of cultural diversity and opens a door to a lifelong appreciation of art.


See for Yourself: There is nothing more powerful than experiencing high-quality artworks firsthand. Students in the art history program benefit from Cal U's proximity to top arts institutions, including the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Mattress Factory and the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. University-sponsored trips to Washington, D.C., also provide opportunities for students to visit museums and monuments.

Career exploration: Students in the art history program may find internships with local or regional arts organizations. Cal U's Career and Professional Development Center helps students connect with potential employers through networking events, job shadowing opportunities, on-campus recruiting, job and internship fairs, and organizational visits.

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Credits are required to complete an art history minor at Cal U.
Median mid-career salary for graduates with a degree in art history is $63,300, reports
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Benefits of the Minor

According to Dr. Charles M. Rosenberg, an emeritus professor at Notre Dame University, students who study art history have "an ability to analyze and 'read' images as carriers of implicit and explicit meaning. … This is a skill that is becoming progressively more significant as we move toward a more and more visually oriented world."

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Graduate Outcomes

Students who complete the minor in art history, combined with a relevant major, may pursue career opportunities in museums, galleries and other educational settings. In addition, art history students may go on to graduate education in art history or other disciplines.

Art History Minor in Art History
An art student works on a painting.

Find your community

Take a deeper dive into a field you enjoy while getting to know other students who share your passion for art. This minor program introduces you to men and women from different academic disciplines and makes it easy to get involved with art-focused activities on campus. 

An art student works on a painting.

Added value

A minor in art history can add to your college experience and help your resume stand out. It demonstrates your ability to observe carefully and think critically, and it lets employers know that you have a variety of interests.

Art History Courses


Course Credits
Required Courses 15
ART 212  Art History 1 3
ART 214  Art History 2 3
ART 243  Intro to Asian Art 3
ART 345  Methods of Art History 3
ART 422  Art History: Art World after Modernism 3
Electives (select two)  6
ART 311  Medieval Art and Architecture 3
ART 319  Ancient Greek and Roman Art 3
ART 323  Women in Art 3
ART 324  Modern Art 3
ART 326  Contemporary Art 3
ART 328  Italian Renaissance Art 3
ART 333  American Art: European Settlement through 1918 3
ART 420  Contemporary Issues in Art 3
PHI 335  Aesthetic Theory 3
PHI 336  Philosophy of Film  3
HIS 333  Film and History 3
Total 21